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On the ground floor of SuB Karakoy in Istanbul’s dynamic port district is a welcoming venue to wine & dine at your heart’s desire. Built on the shared dream of two mates -infamous Chef Maksut Aşkar and witty wine critic Levon Bağış – Foxy started to serve deliciously genuine dishes with local wines all made of Anatolian grapes. This distinctive idea and unusual market position gave us the courage to get funky and create a brand that is lively, humourous and truly unique. As we all know from the fables, the fox is the expert on grapes, so there and then the name was chosen followed by the creative process of original illustrations for the mascot and designing all the other visual elements.

Inspired by celebration of life, food and raw wines; guided by the motto local and real, all branding elements are designed to reflect the imperfect but friendly character. The result is a wild and free brand identity referencing a warm welcome to a hedonistic experience at the heart of the city.