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ioki Nau brings a bit of Japan to the heart of Istanbul, with two locations along the Bosporus, unfolding a story of not just serving meals but crafting experiences. When the ioki team approached us with the idea of creating a sub-brand for them, we meticulously examined what they needed and supported them in wayfinding. As a result, we decided to keep the original logo intact and form a new identity along with it. Inspired by the it-word “nau” derived from English “now” an expression recruited by Japanese culture for a while, with a slightly different meaning though, combining both here and now.

We have built the new brand identity around this “here and now” concept. We created a new brand language that reflects the feeling of being present, comfortable and delighted all at once. We started with the additional logotype and chose new brand colours that match the interiors and deliver the same essence. For brand recognition and nurturing social content, we created new visuals and images. Designed all printed materials and a new website additional to other branding elements intended to foster a sense of tranquility with a homage to tradition and a salute to contemporary flavours.

The ioki NAU universe we created from the initial idea bloomed effortlessly and thrived on the way, expressing itself in a confident but calm attitude across all touchpoints. We are delighted to work with Can Mete for photography and acknowledge his remarkable contribution to the project.