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Argos in Cappadocia holds the past, present and future in one grand place and hosts this unique restaurant – Nahita – a tribute to Anatolian cuisine. Rooted in traditional cooking and using only sustainably sourced local ingredients, Nahita is a timeless celebration of food, heritage, nature and culture.

From the start of the project, we knew we wanted to hero the incredible geographical features of the place and bring them to life in a modern way, celebrating Anatolian heritage.

We preferred a contrasting colour palette with shades of earthy tones to augment the story, shape and patterns. We tried to follow contemporary aesthetics while keeping right and true to the geography. The unique landscape has defining features that inspired us to create exquisite patterns. Reflecting the original topography to make a striking texture was our inspiration for the branding style. We used custom brand patterns to add character to all of the applications.

The pattern and logotype designs are inspired by the topography and traditional culture, respectively. Held within an arch, Nahita’s icon was inspired by the arched doors and windows of the traditional cave houses and resembles the arched fireplace in the restaurant. It’s meant to be a contemporary representation of a place that has been there for millennia. We wanted to make it feel like an invitation to a welcoming destination.

Reflecting the nurturing identity of this land where agriculture and husbandry emerged, the first ceramics were fired, and copper was smelted, the menu is developed by Chef Ömür Akkor, the well-known creative gourmet cook, culinary researcher, and the critically acclaimed author of cookbooks by Gourmand Award. The wine and cocktails are selected by Sommelier Oğul Türkkan, gastronomy consultant and taste perception analyst. We are delighted to cooperate with the duo in creating a simple yet stylish culinary space reflecting the philosophy of the place.