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Nebyan Doğal works to preserve the highland culture, support local farmers to do what they know best, and deliver good food to urban clientele. We share their belief in sustainable rural development by producing pure and healthy meat products from ethically raised animals on herb-rich green pastures. We helped them to build a brand identity that reflects their earth-friendly philosophy and created an efficient design system that positions the brand as one of the leading organic brands in the country and adds value to compete in the global market.

To clearly convey their ideology properly, we focus on the voice and visual image of the brand. Our comprehensive work managed to reach their target group by delivering the right message through creative design including packaging, catalogues, website content, branding for international fairs and other elements. For the brand colours we paired green and white to represent herb-rich pastures of the Blacksea highlands where Nebyan produce come from, and convey the pure and clean features of the brand products.